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Red Media Technologies

Red Media Technologies provide effective treatment and remediation solutions to the world-wide mining, municipal waste water treatment, contaminated land development, industrial manufacturing and waste management industry sectors.

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Red Media Technologies offer a unique environmentally sustainable and ethical technology to tackle some of the major problems of pollution and environmental degradation from historical industrial activities.

After several years of research and development, the capabilities of the product and its effectiveness in a wide range of applications is well understood, with the technology being used very successfully throughout the world.

The primary application of Red Media Technologies is for removal of heavy metal contamination, however, our capabilities using this same technology can also be used to remove phosphate from waste water, treat acid mine drainage and de-odorise effluent.

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Using a sustainable source of raw material to provide a product and system capable of effectively treating contaminants in mining waste, soil, water and liquid effluents, we are able to undertake a remediation process which provides significant economic and environmental benefits:

  • By permanently binding heavy metals in a mineralised non-bioavailable matrix, our technology reduces contamination levels

  • The permanent nature of the process means that, unlike some remediation solutions, the treatment is a one-off cost with no additional ongoing expenditure

  • It can treat waste material on site, thereby avoiding waste removal and transportation costs with the associated environmental benefits

  • The technology can be utilised in a low energy, and thus lower cost, passive treatment system

  • Utilises an existing source of waste by-product as a raw material

  • Allows for potential recycling of water following removal of contaminants

  • Spent media has an application for use in soil re-vegetation

Our strategy includes starting with a detailed evaluation of customer needs, full assessment of the problem by laboratory testing and on-site trials and with that data, providing a sustainable solution, including design and supply of equipment in order to achieve regulatory compliance, remediation and restoration with minimal impact.

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At Red Media Technologies we strive to improve on sustainable solutions to enhance and regenerate the natural environment. We provide clients with a complete answer to environmental remediation issues using our technology, working on projects to accomplish an optimised treatment programme.

Church Farm House, Hall Road, Alderford, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5NF

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